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10 Haziran 2014 Salı

HBOT Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

addition of oxygen under pressure and chronic treatment of many incurable diseases
D. twentieth century atheist and a major revolution in medicine, oxygen therapy: Hamden imam «Middle East» said

Zainab BadawiEspecially in the fields of medicine and pharmacy in all areas, stunning scientific developments, despite all the civilized countries of the world of natural medicine and medical drugs to reduce began to move. And that cell and viability responsible for creating and lack of cells or even death atrophy leads to the body, all cells an energy source for oxygen as the importance of the world to this day throughout the ages, treatment, roads employ a number succeeded.Oxygen of all the body's organs vital to the growth and regeneration of cells and that these cells without the destruction of what's going on, man can survive a few minutes without oxygen. And about 90% of the energy needed for the body created by oxygen, and for good health, so make sure oxygen to all the cells in the body need to be sure. This lack of oxygen leads to a lack of vital processes in cells.
She Nasser Institute Hospital in Cairo, under pressure oxygen therapy in front of a counselor and head «Middle East», Brigadier General Hassan Hamdi met the doctor and had this dialogue:
* Dr. Hamdi before treatment is started, the world's oxygen? What are the countries that use?
Under pressure oxygen therapy in the treatment of many chronic diseases and acute and desperate to help spread globally and in most developed countries has proved an effective modern. Medical use of any drug or chemical through a real revolution in the medical world and there are no complications.
Oxygen as the elixir of life and inadequate average over 75 trillion cells in the body, resulting in the destruction and death of cells in the body, structure and growth of the cells of all organs must be competence.
The importance of oxygen
* As different images for treatment through the ages of oxygen used this hospital and operating room and treatment of heart disease and breathing, shock and coma circulation to increase the speed to normal air presence rate disproportionately greater in intensive care patients oxygen is used.
1.020% (hydrogen peroxide), oxygen, water, apparently used to kill germs in the wound and disinfect. Dissolved oxygen, dissolved in water and the mouth to stimulate circulation and the oxygen supply is a breath.
A trivalent oxygen and ozone oxidation of impurities and bacteria and viruses rambling walls of blood cells and is used in various ways, including to combine research and experimentation is still work to stop the activity. Produced by some medicinal ointments, and has been used for part of ulcers and wounds.
Universal oxygen therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy specialist training at the university under the United States, this is a special scholarship (American Board) was agreed and has its headquarters in the United States is more than 280. China, Japan, Italy, France, Spain, India, Korea and the UK there are just as many times.
Oxygen therapy vacuo
Q: What is under pressure oxygen therapy?
Under pressure, oxygen therapy, medical treatment, completely inside a room of a patient inlet pressure chamber treatment is called the oxygen 100% inhalation inside this room and under pressure (2 2.5) at atmospheric pressure and session therapeutic to be signed (60 to 90) minutes and again continued daily status 10 to 20 sessions or more.
* What is the scientific idea, give oxygen under pressure?
The idea of ​​760 mm Hg, and for this reason the equivalent atmospheric pressure, the pressure of the air component (20% oxygen, 80% nitrogen) is. So any boring 152 / Hg, pulmonary gas exchange in oxygen during the melting and body to all parts of the circulatory system via the hemoglobin, red blood cells and moves are loaded onto atmospheric pressure 20%, 20% oxygen and pressure equivalent air rate of breathing. Finally, the small capillaries per minute pressure up to this time, this pressure lose some smaller major blood vessels moves 30 Wig and then spreads and liquid cell melt even building them the energy needed for returns / Hg (human skin level surface, i.e.,) is. This is what occurs naturally in every case.
* So why not give 100% oxygen under high pressure?
Oxygen, or 100% is given, and 1500 to 1800 mm under atmospheric pressure Hg 10 times normal pressure and under pressure and the gas exchange process plasma, and in this case dissolved eq large amount of oxygen is the removal during and body cells needed to six times the amount of oxygen transmission BA Finally young and large blood vessels when it was moved under that pressure and some of it could lose 80,280 mm Hg compacted fine capillaries until and also the correct circulation expanding and running on the high-pressure synthesis runs (normal 30 mm Hg forget) tiny roads and other containers minute tissue , help you speed through oxygen to the tissues and the killer bacteria to penetrate and dissolve oxygen under pressure.
* What is the physiological effect of oxygen therapy under pressure?
This needs oxygen 15 times more than the equivalent of a large amount of oxygen saturation in the blood.
Blood vessels (arteries, veins and capillaries) stenosis to increase the partial pressure of a gas.
Anaerobic bacteria killer oxygen under high pressure.
* WPM treatment of human patients or feeling the pressure chamber for session work?
During the existence of the patient inside the room, and a counter-trend equal to the pressure in the body Vamahsalh becomes zero. Patients in the ear or lock Mnaqbdh (channel Astekeus) such as colds occur during the patient feels pain in his ear does not feel any pressure outside the body.
Q: During this treatment affects oxygen to the body's organs?
The circulatory system of the body's need for oxygen, which runs the blood vessels healthy members and thus exposed to oxygen under pressure of sound as a natural protection for members and members of this great movement and thus reduces the amount of oxygen to the affected hyphens. Affected parts of the body reaches a sufficient quantity of oxygen, but oxygen to cells infected microvascular which works to expand and re-run viability.
Treatment of diseases
* What is the disease treated with oxygen under pressure?
Recognition of the disease worldwide successfully use oxygen therapy and basic base of meeting him in 1976 as a therapy for the treatment of oxygen under pressure, was approved by the American Medical Association:
Carbon monoxide poisoning.
Open heart surgery and laparoscopic surgical treatment of diving diseases and bone decay occurs during the bubbles in blood circulation diseases airline.
Treatment with oxygen under pressure and complementary treatment where there are:
Chronic, non-healing wounds and ulcers.
To narrow peripheral atherosclerosis, diabetic foot ulcers and gangrene.
Alinkros after radiation therapy to bone inflammation.
Not all kinds of electrical burns.
Skin graft and lack of circulation parties.
Lead to loss of blood and tissue rupture accident cases.
Recently, used in the treatment of these diseases:
CP due to lack of oxygen in the blood labeled partial cerebral palsy in children.
Meningitis or yellow in pregnancy or during birth or during high rate of blood as a result of high temperature after birth.
Scattered cases of nerve inflammation in MS.
Sudden hearing loss.
Cases of paralysis after a stroke.
Cells create and improve body functions and for the destruction of cells by helping to reduce and increase the capacity.
Migraine headaches and sudden severe cases of anemia and blood loss.
Before and after cosmetic surgery.
Assembly required after researching new diseases are treated with oxygen under pressure to confirm it is held every three years.
* What is the success rate of the treatment?
The success rate of approximately 90% of cases before mentioned six years has been about the work in excess of 21 000 treatment sessions.
Therapeutic Idea
* All therapeutic similar ailments idea?
No, but it varies, for example, chapter, carbon monoxide, all Alheimocalo him when we are under pressure, oxygen therapy, when you give the union of oxygen, 200 times more powerful than carbon monoxide Federation sensitive in the blood plasma of dissolved oxygen and thus per second during the brain and the heart, oxygen so you know treatment and six sessions of carbon monoxide and hemoglobin slowly with 5 HBO fired.
Another example: bone and chronic ulcer of decay for the human body natural immunity any inflammatory body or wounds surrounding fibrous material secrete that I know and it wounds or width spread to reduce and found that some patients microvascular weakness of this fibrous materials, pushing them and ulcers inside oxygen evolved to prevent and becomes chronic, and I have already described, as in the works of oxygen pressure in after a few sessions of healing from the inside until the roaming minutes capillaries alleviate and tissue structure and bacteria killing process starts and the antibiotic to be delivered.
Burns when it comes to oxygen, too much, too large and small blood vessels to narrow causes and thereby swelling, oxygen and cells blood circulation will be delivered roaming minutes expansion as a result, the cells along the sixth floor needs oxygen equivalent the same time burning, as well as antibiotics upstream We know that Albulazemh to reduce fluid in this way, and many of these cells in patients recover within a short time.
And skin graft patch operations before the session to a certain number are giving even improve blood circulation and cells of blood and oxygen circulation to connect the skin and work patch deportation to process the patch directly after the last session certain number of data.
Incurable disease when it comes to disease, cerebral palsy, partial Child CPR for example, children or yellow for meningitis such as temperature rise, as a result of pregnancy, childbirth or the postpartum period about 8 years Americanised begun treatment whether within a certain period to brain cells, lack of oxygen, as a result of has this seven years ago to begin in Egypt is our honor and we are the world's second center and lack of oxygen as a result of certain brain cells, and physical disability, mental and intellectual therapeutics leading to the areas of atrophy around the difficulty and her oxygen so atrophied are attached to it there is damage to the idea of Based least in this region, no not dead, but is doing its job, but we are under a certain pressure the child oxygen give 100% if static cells in these areas with oxygen evolved and microvascular and then marked improvement fed and stimulated and be normal and improves patient opens the cells static or asleep contains these patients in this way the last 5 1% for any medical treatment does not improve with, then 25-70% for all Arab countries Nasser Institute Hospital of cases in the hundreds and the success rate is good and encouraging has been in operation develops.
* Do you have any complications for this treatment?
Of course, no treatment complications, but are treated before appropriate scientific methods followed by complications such as they are free of all diseases and ear protection channel Astekeus to ensure Ear, Nose assessment studies are available and open and free to make sure that a very small by a chest X- ray studies has increased. This study also revealed patients received the retina of the eye.
Q: What is the cost of treatment?
It costs 250 Egypt 100 pounds meetings meeting global cost $ 200.
* A follow-up of patients after the end of the treatment period is there?
Is equal to heal Yeah, patient follow-up session and then stops at the end of the first month and then three months later, and then finally after six months.
* Oxygen and ozone therapy Is there a difference between the treatment?
Yes, treatment Bblaz large amounts of oxygen to dissolve and come in all cells of the body to raise blood pressure to make sure that oxygen under pressure by the pressure of oxygen therapy and ozone therapy is a big difference. However ozone oxygen atom, a tri-active gas, and this gas, oxygen gas is added to get the electrical device for separating oxygen is the step then this compound, the patient's blood supply was stirred and re-injected or sauna or through the anus is.
Ozone is an anti-oxidant and a deadly bacterial cells under investigation and the single best research centers, universities, and used to determine the necessary expertise required to use this type of treatment.
* Finally, how many Arab Republic of Egypt under pressure and whether other centers that make up the teams of these centers for oxygen therapy?
3 large rooms, nine of 6-8 members and by the two chambers center, special specifications and special safety with the degree of an American to produce and we like pressure, pulse and respiratory rate, and ECG and all the partial pressure of oxygen measurements such as measuring the intensive care devices such as operating devices inside the room the patient and abroad are monitored across the country in different places this kind of treatment from spreading to study in the Middle East the latest and greatest that is a center in a private room of a hood and inhalation devices, the Navy thanks vardır.kaynak: http:// #. u1dd2lv_ta1My