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7 Nisan 2015 Salı

hyperbaric oxygen therapy -高圧酸素療法

hyperbaric oxygenAdd Star高圧酸素療法

Hugo Chavez to Undergo Third Cancer Surgery, Names Successor
Venezuela's president Hugo Chavez, 58, announced Saturday night on state television that his pelvic cancer had "returned" and that he is heading to Cuba on Sunday to undergo surgery in the coming days. Chavez had most recently traveled to Havana on Nov. 27, reportedly to undergo medical treatement that included hyperbaric oxygen, which is meant to heal tissues that have been damaged by radiation treatment.
Chavez said on television that after his re-election on Oct. 7, tests had not shown a sign of cancer, but he had been experiencing swelling and pain. "It's a very sensitive area, so we started to pay a lot of attention to that," he said, adding that during his last trip to Cuba, tests detected the resurgence of "malignant cells."
The planned surgery will be his third. Chavez first underwent surgery in Cuba in June 2011, and had a follow-up surgery last February, also in Havana.
権力者は何が何でもその椅子にしがみつこうとするもんですね。スポーツ選手の間ではつとに有名なhyperbaric oxygenですが(例えばイチローは数年前から自宅に導入)、それを使ったガン療法を高気圧酸素治療(HBO、Hyperbaric oxygen therapy)と言うそうです。(UG)